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Design engineer, working in motorsport.

Well equipped home workshop full of old bikes, the odd steam engine and numerous halfbaked projects to fill my impending retirement. I'm only 48, but I'll have to retire soon!

Named as inventor on Patent WO/2011/042855.


[Mar 30 2006, last modified Jun 09 2011]

(+4) Auto Fly Swatter
(+8)(+8) Better Mouse
(+2) Brake assist
(+8)(+8) Chain of movie & sitcom inspired bars
(+2) Chinese Earthquake Typewriter
 Citrus Cycle
(+7) Heisenberg's keyring
(+2, -1) "I am not a mug" certificate
(+3, -1) Immuno-Gym
(+8, -3) Improved Stirling engine
(+3, -2) Magneto-rheological custard
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) MotorUnicycle Fencing
(+3, -1) Pedal Amplifier
(+4, -1) Placebo healing website
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) 'Real' F1 racing for all
 Safe Transmission of electricity
(+4) Scanning Toaster
(+6, -2) Schrodinger's kitten
(+5, -1) Self pumping snorkel
(+18)(+18) Self Regulating Hot Drink Cup
 Serial dishwasher
(+4, -2) Skate Park Airport
(+3, -1) Tracking Sun Visor
(+6, -3) Voice of Satan warnings

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