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Pedal Amplifier

Moped with power goverened by pedalling
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Another approach to the Turbo Amplified Bike idea:

Forget pedal powered compressor etc.

This is simply a moped, using a readily available basis such as the ubiquitous Honda Cub, with the throttle control replaced by a pedal torque driven control.

Pedal torque can easily be measured by monitoring chain tension. In simplest form, a spring pushes a jockey wheel against the upper part of the pedal driven chain. As the pedals are pushed, chain tension pushes against the spring and pulls on the throttle cable. A damper will prevent power surges with each pedal stroke.

Adjusting spring tension will give a variable level of assistance

Twizz, Oct 19 2010

BionX calls it proportional assist http://www.electric...om/bikes/bionx.html
[MisterQED, Oct 19 2010]


       This is baked in electrical assist bicycles and trikes. From Bionx and some others. (link)
MisterQED, Oct 19 2010

       baked in almost every electric bicycle.
Voice, Oct 19 2010

       MrQED & Voice, I claim originality in the application of proportional power assistance to an IC engined moped.   

       I am aware that the principal of proportional assistance is well established in automotive steering and brake systems, as well as electric bicycles.
Twizz, Oct 20 2010

       would it not be easier to make a moped run a generator and charge a hyper capacitor to then run a motor in the front wheel controlled by your pedaling?
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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