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Exercise your immune system - use it or lose it
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A modern urban childhood is sadly devoid of stimulus for the developing immune system.

We have recognised that modern urban living doesn't provide the exercise our muscles need, so we use gymnasia to make up the shortfall.

Why not do the same for our immune systems... The immuno-gym would be a place where we could be exposed to a range of the less serious infections in order to keep our immune systems on thier toes.

Twizz, Jul 09 2009


       We already do this. It's called "vaccination"
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 09 2009

       ...and pre-school.   

       Vaccitination is to the immuno gym as running a marathon once every 5 years is to daily exercise.
Twizz, Jul 10 2009

       Aren't gyms and gym changing-rooms places where you're already exposed to a diverse range of infectious diseases? And if you felt the need to make sure you were exposed to a really comprehensive selection of diseases, you could travel to the gym on public transport.
hippo, Jul 10 2009

       Pre-school (or nursery, playgroup etc.) in the UK has sadly been hit by the H&S nazis.   

       Everything has to be kept scrupulously clean so the little darlings are not exposed to the everyday bacteria and virus (pl.?).... until a really hardy one comes along, like MRSA, and everyone drops dead.
Twizz, Jul 10 2009


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