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Magneto-rheological custard

Controllable inverse rheological behaviour
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Add ferrous content to custard powder, chemically bonded to the starch. Application of a magnetic field to a mix of water and custard powder with encourage the starch to clump together more, thus increasing the apparent stiffness of the mix.

Use the mix to inrease effeciency of fluid transmissions, alter the charectiristics of hydraulic dampers, or just to scupper a 'walking on custard' demonstration in spectacular fashion.

Twizz, Jun 21 2010

anti-gravity custard-filled, genetically engineered perpetual motion device anti-gravity_20cust...l_20motion_20device
Another magneto-custard idea [Voice, Jun 22 2010]


       While out of my depth, trying to decide whether this was bad science or not, I stumbled on this extract from William Gilbert's 1600 treatise on magnetism:   

       "[...] why fhould I, I fay, add aught further to this fo-perturbed republick of letters, and expofe this noble philofophy, which feems new and incredible by reafon of fo many things hitherto unrevealed, to be damned and torn to pieces by the maledictions of thofe who are either already fworn to the opinions of other men, or are foolifh corruptors of good arts, learned idiots, grammatifts, fophifts, wranglers and perverfe little folk ?"   

       Just wanted to share that.
pertinax, Jun 21 2010

       I don't know if it's bad science either but since I have 'magnetic dilatant' on my unposted/need to research ideas sheet, I have to (+) this.   

       //fophifts// made me chuckle.   

       Ferioufly it did.   

       {fings perverfe little folk fong}
pertinax, Jun 21 2010

       sp: ƒ
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 21 2010

       pretty sure electric-custard clutches exist   

       what is that thing anyways?: ƒ
FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2010

       It's an S from before people learned how to write properly. As in "Where the bee ƒucks, there ƒuck I."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2010

       Magneto rheological dampers exist, but don't posess the inverse rheological behaviour of custard.   

       The elongated ƒ originated from stone masons, who found it very difficult to carve an S.
Twizz, Jun 22 2010

       Did you engrave glass with a mallet and chisel?   

       Rhetorical custard is not intended to be actually eaten, it's the concept that's important.
Twizz, Jun 22 2010


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