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Some ideas need a little more baking.

[Sep 29 2005, last modified May 21 2015]
(+7) Car bolts
(+2) Car LCD Visor
(+2) Car: Removable Body Panels
 CCROM Ink Pens
(+2) Electric Diesel Quasiturbine
(+40, -2)(+40, -2)(+40, -2) Forever Vibrator
 Frame Engine
(+7) Henna Printer
(+2) No Steering Column
(+1) Personalized ATM
 Quasiturbine Wheels
(+6, -2) Save Icon
(+3, -1) Selection circle
(-3) Solar Panel Printer
(+4, -2) USB OS
(+5, -2) WiFi Solar Server

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