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Forever Vibrator

Keep your vibrator charged with a gentle back and forth shake
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Forget the forever flashlight! What is really useful is the forever vibrator. Don't worry about running out of batteries and killing your mood. This vibrator runs on that gentle back and forth shaking motion you're already doing while you use a vibrator. Give one as a gift to your girlfriend and if she remembers who you are she'll have really good arm muscles to return the favor!

Just remember to send me some of your profits to my Paypal account!

Willie333, Feb 06 2006

Forever Flashlight http://www.thinkgee...adgets/lights/5a9f/
[Willie333, Feb 06 2006]

Prior Art Battery-Shaped_20Shake_20Generator
seems I was amused by this thought a while ago... [csea, Feb 08 2006]


       Very funny. I can't wait to see the late night ads.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 06 2006

       So you have to vibrate this in order to make it vibrate?
wagster, Feb 06 2006

       I don't know whether this is genius or idiocy. [+]
shapu, Feb 06 2006

       I think [Willie] is a gidiot.
wagster, Feb 06 2006

       I love that this was posted by Willie...
Miss Bianca, Feb 06 2006

       Better than an inious, I always say.
shapu, Feb 06 2006

       I have to say I sort of giggled at the part about making her arms stronger for, well, uh...other stuff.
blissmiss, Feb 06 2006

       If one thinks about the motion it would take to charge this, it makes perfect sense. Might need something to use up the excess energy though...   

       perhaps an l.e.d... [+]
nth, Feb 06 2006

       I think it would be cute if it had lava lamp stuff inside of it, so it would also be visually fascinating.
xandram, Feb 08 2006

       But who's gonna stick their head in there to see it?
Pac-man, Feb 08 2006

       Do you know how hot lava lamps get?
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       No...maybe some of that glittery gel then. Do you know hot vibrators get?
xandram, Feb 09 2006

       Rain-maker could be combined with this.
Miss Bianca, Feb 09 2006

       From experience, they get "Ow!" hot.
wagster, Feb 09 2006

       I want one. I can name it Wristitstable.
reensure, Feb 09 2006

       I know how hot K-Y warming gel gets, does that count?
RayfordSteele, Feb 10 2006

       Please move to: product: sex toy: vibrator
csea, Feb 10 2006

       More fun than a barrel of monkeys shaking sticks.
Canuck, Feb 11 2006

       Hey, I'm sure *someone's* into that.
shapu, Feb 11 2006

       market this as a glow plug?   

       Solution to Californias power crisis?   

       Talk about the perpetual motion machine!
joeseed, Feb 13 2006

       In this era of peak oil, global warming, energy crises, geopolitical tensions surrounding gas and oil resources, this is a very good idea! Green, renewable, efficient.
django, Feb 13 2006

       sounds like one of those motor/generator combos to create perpetual motion.
the great unknown, Jan 23 2007

       But if you give it to your girlfriend and it never needs batteries why does she need you anymore? At least now I can promise more batteries.
JSand, Jan 24 2007

       I was thinking this would be a shrine on a pornstar's grave, similar to a perpetual flame.
Aq_Bi, Jan 24 2007


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