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Personalized ATM

ATM that remembers you!
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I want to be able to go to the Visa website (Mastercard, etc) with my bank's ATM card and program how to do my transactions in the future (and if I have multiple Visa cards then I could select the same programming for all of them). I could set up a scenario of say 4 possible Quick transactions. So I stick my card in any ATM enter my pin and am given a menu with my first choice being withdraw $20 (with a default of always give me a receipt), my second choice could be $40, my third choice could be make a deposit and my fourth choice could be take me to the ATM's main menu because I want to do something really different than my normal behavior.

I really hate it that I go to Bank One's (give me the maximum) ATM and have to tell it I want to do a withdrawl. It asks me how much and I have to type in 20.00. If I can't take out anything smaller than a twenty why should it ask me how many 20's I want or make me type in 20. Why do I have to type in 20.00? Will it give me twenty dollars and a penny if I type in 20.01? And yes I always want a receipt so stop asking me!!

Willie333, Sep 29 2005

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[DrCurry, Sep 29 2005]


       I think we would all benefit from smarter programming and customization for ATMs, but didn't someone suggest this before? Ah, no, that was just personalizing the language setting - see link.   

       Chase's ATMs, btw, do allow some customization - they (finally!) remember whether you want a receipt, rather than always asking you, and also your "fast cash" preference. You could maybe switch banks.
DrCurry, Sep 29 2005

       Thanks, I would switch, but Bank One got bought out by Chase...guess I'll have to wait until they get caught up.
Willie333, Sep 29 2005

       Wells Fargo lets you set up a one-button withdrawal (how much, receipt/no receipt) much like you describe.
jutta, Oct 29 2005


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