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Electric Diesel Quasiturbine

Produce electricity for hybrid without an external generator.
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One inherent problem with engines is all the external parts which must be supported by the frame or engine and leads to extra weight.

I'd like to see a quasiturbine be used as a hybrid engine. Instead of it turning an external generator, the 4 sections could have supermagnets built in which induce a current on a coil wrapped around the engine. And of course diesel so you can use "biodiesel".

Also I like the idea (even thought it's a French company) for having only one electrical cable run to every component and using radio or perhaps some X10 type of control to toggle the devices on or off. This helps to greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle.

The frame could have a sprayed on insulator and then a top coat of copper and the wires of each device could be welded to each conductor. Hence no need to run wires at all.

Willie333, Sep 29 2005

MDI car Electrical system http://www.theaircar.com/tecno.html
[Willie333, Sep 29 2005]


       great idea mate i dont see why this hasnt had more attention this producing electricity but also a generator attatched to each end of the drving shaft to create more energy this could have many applications like electricity generator and car engine to supply power to high hp/torq electric motors mounted at the wheels using a hand throttle to set the revs and a foot throttle to control electricity supply thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 26 2007

       I don't know much about engines but the mention of 4 sections of supermagnets riding down the highway makes me smile.   

       (with metal things stuck to the hood)heh
dentworth, Jul 26 2007

       Before I bun or bone this, I need to know what a "quasiturbine" is.   

       The rest of it looks like the multiplexed controlling system that Ford was investigating a few years ago.
elhigh, Jul 26 2007

       The quasiturbine (wiki it) is a great idea which has yet to be demonstrated as anything other than a steam engine.   

       I was just thinking about how a wankel cylinder rotates and how a motor core rotates and wondering if the wankel rotation would be efficient moving through a magnetic field, following the lines of force more as the a/c direction changes.   

       It may even have the added benefit of magnetising the fuel like that thingy you can get to clip on your fuel line.
marklar, Jul 26 2007


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