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Save Icon

The Save Icon on programs needs to change
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Since so few computers ship with floppy drives any longer the new generation of children growing up won't know why the funny looking "square disk" represents saving your data (as if all you data could fit on one anyway). A new icon is needed for all new programs. I propose for the time being a flash drive icon. Of course there's the dilemna of what the heck it looks like! They come in all shapes and sizes. So I have attached what looks like a "standard" flash drive. Maybe even a pen icon might be suitable since we may well be using it to write with for many years to come. Hmmm... change is so different.
Willie333, Oct 07 2005

Picture of a Flash Drive http://akimages.cro.../25_3265_041129.jpg
[Willie333, Oct 07 2005]


       The save icon is a perfect example of Marshall McLuhan's idea that the medium becomes the message over time. Shouldn't complain. As an icon it makes sense to show obsolete technology. So maybe a quill pen...
farble, Oct 07 2005

       Adobe tried to get cute with the toolbar icons - and now what, you have to click "binoculars" to find something? It is confusing.
phundug, Oct 07 2005

       Actually, the Icon for "find something" ought to be my wife. 'Cos when I lose something, I always ask my wife where she put it.   

       P.S. Save Icon: Piggy bank?
Ling, Oct 07 2005

       Thanks, Ian. I now realize that all of those advertisements aren't for churches, but rather a helpful reminder to prevent data loss.
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2005


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