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[Mar 30 2002, last modified Feb 21 2013]
(+3, -1) Annoying Jukebox
(+3) bike pull chain
 Binary Search Music Player UI
 Bullet Time Money Shot
(+1) Burned Label
(+5) Bus: Separate Turn Signals from Stop Signal
(+11, -2)(+11, -2) DoggyBag
(+15)(+15) Force Feedback Tuner
 One-time-use phone number
(+10)(+10) Poinsettia Rentals
(-1) Portrait Display
(+8, -3) Seafood Pipeline
(+19)(+19) Slap Bracelet Cell Phone
(+4, -1) Store-brand Car
(+5, -2) The Metric Store
(+1) Web Pad with Physical Buttons
(+5) White Noise Clock

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