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Binary Search Music Player UI

Choose a song by selecting "before" or "after" a few times
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Scrolling through the 10,000 songs on your iPod using a car stereo interface is kind of a pain, at least as implemented by Alpine on the unit I own.

Instead, you could have an interface with three buttons: before, after, and this one.

The stereo displays a song halfway through the list, and you select if your song comes before or after the song (or if it just happens to be that song, choose "this one").

You do this repeatedly until it zeroes in on the right song. For 10,000 songs, you would have to press a button at most 14 times before reaching your song.

frankus, Oct 21 2005


       Surely this is more an interesting implementation than a new idea, imo (since, after all, binary searches are as old as the hills).
DrCurry, Oct 21 2005

       You could also have before or after in terms of the date of the song, e.g. before or after, say, 1967/05/28, and so forth, the significance of that date being that it's halfway between the beginning of the 'hit parade' and therefore modern pop music, and today.
nineteenthly, Oct 21 2005

       interesting ... but I would have major problems remembering the absolute order of my songs.
ixnaum, Oct 21 2005

       @ixnaum: How about alphabetical order?   

       You could binary search for artist, then binary search for title, or just do title if you weren't sure.
jtgd, Sep 26 2015


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