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Seafood Pipeline

Transport fresh seafood inland in a pipe
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(+8, -3)
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Getting fresh seafood to an inland city takes a fair amount dedication, since it typically has to be flown or driven in from the coast.

Instead, we could build a saltwater-filled pipeline from the coast to one or more points inland and pump live fish, crustaceans, and the like through it.

frankus, Aug 24 2006


       And who is going to clean up the squid slicks in Nebraska?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 24 2006

       So alongside the gas and water mains we now have chow meins?
Srimech, Aug 24 2006

       To clean it, from time to time we could flip open the top half of the pipe and let the seagulls peck it dry.
phundug, Aug 24 2006

       [frnkus] I like this idea so (+) You can take a look at my Breakfast Hose sometime to see why, but I have a question: In what direction would the water have to be pumped, to cope with live salmon?
xenzag, Aug 24 2006

       First, people eat seafood only if they live by the sea.
Then, refrigeration and transportation bring frozen seafood inland. - Overfishing becomes a problem.
Now, an idea to pipe mass quantities of live fish inland...

Shz, Aug 24 2006

       [xenzag], it could incorporate a return water line for the salmon. Which would keep Omaha from filling up with salt water, and maybe reduce pumping costs.   

       I don't think this would be do-able, but [+]
baconbrain, Aug 25 2006

       //pump live fish, crustaceans, and the like through it.//   

       That's terrible. 'Pumping' live animals though a long stretch of narrow tubing with foreign sea creatures and a rapidly varying climate is inhumane so loses my otherwise positive vote.
jellydoughnut, Aug 26 2006

       Love it! If I were a fish and I had to die anyways, then why not have the ride of a lifetime when it's still possible.
django, Aug 26 2006

       Terrible idea, but truly halfbaked so avoids a fish.
wagster, Aug 26 2006

       Now a pastry pipeline - that *would* be useful.
wagster, Aug 27 2006


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