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A disposable "bunny suit" for dogs
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The DoggyBag is a dog-shaped Tyvek suit that closes up along the dog's back and tightens around its neck. Here's the scenario:

Your SUV is in the shop, so you have to take Rover to the park in the Benz today.

While playing in the park he gets himself absolutely covered in mud, and then rolls around in some malodorous carcass for good measure.

While images of the lease-end fee that the dog will inflict on your car are swirling in your head, you remember that you tucked a DoggyBag™ in the glove box last week.

You tear open the package, don the included apron, and wrestle the dog into the DoggyBag. He hops contentedly into the car, looking not unlike a little doggy astronaut. You drop him off at the groomers with nary a speck of mud marring your interior.

frankus, Aug 13 2005


       Nice one [+]. Could be washable rather than disposable, though.
sophocles, Aug 13 2005

       I predict that by the time you wrestle Rover into the DoggyBag, you are likely to be as muddy and malodorous as he. You better pack a BodyBag in the glove box for yourself, too, in order to keep your Benz looking smart.
jurist, Aug 13 2005

       \\tightens around its neck\\.
\\malodorous carcass\\
\\You drop him off\\ Interesting. Very interesting.
hidden truths, Aug 13 2005

       I'm thinking you should swap your dog for a cat. Before he digs up the garden or something.
DrCurry, Aug 13 2005

       Not only are you covered head to toe in whatever unholy mess the dog got into, but so's the outside of the doggy bag. Most dogs I've known resist wearing clothing with a flailing stubborness that, when dry, is impossible to hold onto. I imagine it would be like trying to put a balloon on a greased watermelon with 12 flailing appendages. Good luck [+/-].
oxen crossing, Aug 13 2005

       To tame that pooch for dressing, use DoggyMeds.
moPuddin, Aug 14 2005

       If you use doggy meds before the outing, it wouldn't get all muddy in the first place.
oxen crossing, Aug 14 2005

       Well an accessory for the bag will be a gas canister that will temporarily sedate your dog while you put him in the bag thus preventing him from fighting you.
Jscotty, Aug 16 2005

       Less trouble, surely, just to have a roll of tear-off InteriorBenzBags, with pockets for seats, steering wheel, pedals &c. Unless wrestling muddy'n'malodorous dogs is YourBag ...
bibliotaphist, Aug 16 2005

       You need to put the suit on the dog first! Once dog revelry is done, peel off the suit, with the carcass fragments now on the inside. Tuck used dog suit through partly opened window of parked SUV and walla: clean dog for car toting!
bungston, Aug 17 2005

       Duh! (that's obvious, now that you mention it)
oxen crossing, Aug 17 2005

       This could prevent dogs from shedding all over your car and matting down your seats with hair.   

       If you really wanted to you could have customized suits that look like your dog.. If your dogs white with black spots then the suit would be white with black spots etc.. Naturally the suit should be washable(Sophocles) and be able to withstand the dog ripping through the woods and jumping into water. - the suit cant be to baggy or the dog could possibly dround.   

       I personally dont care much for this though - I let my dog jump right in. Im sure it could work for some people though.
Kcsolutions123, Aug 19 2005


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