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Poinsettia Rentals

Rent Poinsettias for the Christmas Season and Recycle Them
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Poinsettias are typically displayed in the month of December as red-and-green holiday decorations. After that, the blooms typically fall off and the owners lose interest in the (boring green) plant and throw it out, only to buy a new set of plants the next year.

There's a rather elaborate process of light cycles that must be untertaken to force them to bloom in December, which is beyond the abilities of most households.

So rather than buy a plant that you're just going to throw away, why not rent them for the holiday season and then return them, where most can be reused and professionally forced to bloom again for the following holiday season?

frankus, Jan 01 2006


       + For fostering an effort to reduce waste at the holiday most notorious for extravagance and waste. (May have to substantiate that claim, but I feel safe in saying that little holiday packaging and few batteries are recycled)   

       + For an Idea supporting the notion that Christmas spirit is eternal and renewing.
reensure, Jan 02 2006

       You got the vote of the environmental crowd, the cheapskate crowd, and the botanical crowd. Perfect.
iamnafets, Jan 02 2006

       I've often wondered why poinsettias are so pernickety - perhaps they don't really want red leaves.   

       excellent idea.
po, Jan 02 2006

       strange, I thought the red, ahem, *bracts* were induced by the long winter nights although I can understand how they like the heat as they are native to Mexico.
po, Jan 02 2006

       I think the poisonous tag is a myth.
po, Jan 02 2006

       Maybe so [po], but for roasting purposes I inherently distrust any twig that exudes milky sap.
reensure, Jan 02 2006

       Quite an effective plan, couple it with a return for deposit credit - perhaps $2.00 per plant to ensure the plant makes it back to the grower in place of the dumpster.
norfintork, Jan 02 2006

       you're meant to look at it, reensure, not brew it!
po, Jan 02 2006

       Definately in the right spirit +. However it is much easier, cheaper and more efficient to grow new ones each year. I think many people wouldn't want them if they were much bigger than normal.
rainbow, Jan 02 2006


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