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I found this site when I thought I had invented the pulse code modulated rumble strip and was looking for prior art. Boy was I in for a surprise. I love this place. There isn't a person here (myself not excepted) who doesn't think that if he had been born in the fifteenth century that he would have been on par with Da Vinci :-)

Sites like this should be justification for a complete overhaul of the patent process, which seems to have lost the concepts of both obviousness and prior art.

[Feb 14 2005, last modified Jan 13 2006]

(+4, -1) 3D LCD display
(+5, -4) 3d-printer for building assembly
(+4) Air Boarding2
(+5, -1) Anti-dazzle device for dental patients
(+5) Bigger storage folders for micro SD cards
(+11)(+11) Black Box Fire Alarm
(+3) Cable-release for digital cameras
(+1) camera motion detection improvement
(+2) Detect damaged bicycle helmet
(+3, -2) DVD resolution enhancement
(+6) E-book reader auto page turning
(+3, -1) Evolution of PVR
(+12)(+12) Game of life cubes
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) Global Warming Videogame
 HDMI video delay line
(+6, -3) Hey, I invented that!
(+1) High-excitement shopping
(+3, -18)(+3, -18)(+3, -18) How to build the _second_ true AI
(+1) Invisible clock
(+9, -4) Low sugar Fresh Orange
(+1) marginally improved driving sim
(+3) Old print restoration
(+6) Open Source Restaurant Design
(+4, -1) Projected racetrack
(+6) Rapid prototype vacuum thermoforming
(+13)(+13) Raster pen
(+2, -1) Root canal apex locator
(+13)(+13) Self-filling windshield washer reservoir
(+5) self-inflating tyre
 smart motion sensor
(+2) smart surfaces
(+4) steadylens
(+3, -1) Stretch-B-Gone
(+23, -2)(+23, -2)(+23, -2) Strobeverts
(+4) Synthetic aperture digital camera
(+6, -2) Turning on the spot
(+2, -1) Ultrasonic stethoscope
 Warm-weather 'ice' rink
(+2) Zero gravity space drone

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