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Bigger storage folders for micro SD cards

All the existing Micro SD storage organizer products are compact. I want the opposite!
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I have a problem with too many micro SD cards that have data on them - all the storage organizers I can find aim for packing as many cards into a case or folder as possible. This doesn't leave any room to include a piece of paper that is easily readable (ie doesn't have to be unfolded first) where you can made a note of what is on the chip. What we need is a folder on the lines of a trading card album or a coin collector album or a stamp album which has bi-level pockets - a largish one somewhere between the size of a trading card and a business card, with a small one on top of it where the micro SD card will fit. The note should be readable through the pocket and the micro SD should be easily removable but not liable to just fall out, so at least one flap should be present to keep the SD in place if not a second one for the card or paper note accompanying it.
gtoal, Feb 23 2023

or this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R52FIH6
kinda what I was thinking of but not quite [a1, Feb 24 2023]


       Approved! - but an extra container for some marmite to spread on your toast/croissant would improve its halfbaked status.
xenzag, Feb 23 2023

       All the micro SD cards I have bought come in a little clamshell case perhaps inch by 3cm, with internal plastic lugs to hold both the micro SD card and also a micro-to-normal adapter. I find that these are very useful for holding a piece of paper whether you retain or discard the adapter (or if the adapter doesn't come either). Then you can stack the little clamshell cases or twank them up with an elastic band or whatever you want.   

       Nonetheless {+} for extending the idea storage space possibilities.   

       Also note that spare clamshells (preferably without the card inside) make handy receptacles for butter, marmalade, or micro-slices of toast.
pocmloc, Feb 23 2023

       How about this?   

       A semi-rigid 8.5” x 11” sheet of plastic ,1/8” thick [*] with holes punched down the side so you could keep as many as you like in a binder.   

       Each sheet would have several recessed spots with raised edges to securely hold your data cards. Those recesses would also have a smaller hole in middle so you could pop a card out by poking something through the back. All of those would be spaced far enough apart that you could pencil a note next to each card reminding you what’s on it.   

       Would that work?   

       [*] USA dimensions given. I guess that would be like an A4 sheet, between 2-3 mm thick?
a1, Feb 24 2023

       I dig it.
21 Quest, Feb 24 2023


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