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Underground movies
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On an underground train, place poster ads on the tube walls exactly one train-window-width apart. Have a sensor on the train that causes a flash every time that distance is traversed, regardless of speed.

Presto, flickering movies to watch while riding the Underground.

Think of it as un unrolled Zoetrope.

gtoal, Feb 10 2006

Inspired. Train_20Crossing_20Theater_202
[daseva, Feb 10 2006]

Animated_20Billboards#1022086800 [xaviergisz, Feb 10 2006]

Baked in Boston http://www.adrants....derground-movie.php
[Shz, Feb 10 2006]

(?) And... a few other places. http://www.sub-media.com/seeit.html
[Shz, Feb 10 2006]

HB: Zoe-topiary Zoe-topiary
Drive-by animation. [bristolz, Feb 10 2006]


       I think you could have posters of an infinite number of sizes provided that a whole number of poster widths exactly fits between the leading edges of two neighboring windows. In this fashion, every light above each window would flicker at the same time and minimize possible interference.   

       Of course, the posters wouldn't be very useful at the size of a stamp.   

       You could stack Strobverts on top of eachother, provided that they are all the same width. The way i see it, you could stack four good sized strobverts at any point.
daseva, Feb 10 2006

       That might distract me from my morning newspaper full of adverts.
Giblet, Feb 10 2006

       Good. The movie could be made to look like the tube was travelling through countryside, or along the streets above.   

       To make it better, it could be made to move in the opposite direction to the movement of the train. Then, together with the epileptic fits, the passengers could enjoy motion sickness.
Ling, Feb 10 2006

       why not just have some sort of screen built into the window that is see through, and images can be dsipalyted on the window. like that paper, i seen on the gadget show the other day. its paper thin, bendy and it lights up. good idea though.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       I'll paste the 100 posters needed to display 5 seconds of movie on the walls of tube tunnels for, let's say, £50 a poster? Five grand might sound a bit steep for 5 seconds but I'm quite likely to die doing this. Still, it's cheaper than asking the train company to close the line for a few days. Then we'll do it again next week. Why not just spend under a grand on a plasma screen for each carriage then you can have as many (non-flickering) movies as you like?
Prak, Feb 10 2006

       Would that be a snuff film, [Prak]?
bristolz, Feb 10 2006

       For the concept, you get a bun for sure. its brilliant. However I have to say this. It would be cheaper for advertisers to buy flat-screens and hang them all over the tube, that to negotiate such an advertising drive with an underground train operator. Setting up such a venture is extremely labour intense, pasting the posters throughout the tube, maintaining the flashes etc. Whereas buying dozens of flatscreens at scale costs, and routing them to easily updatable hard-drives would me much easier and cheaper. Although probably equally non-profitable. All advertisers care about is numbers, and volumes of exposure, and impact. Arranging this type of venture would probably take up a majority of an advertising budget, and have less impact than a half-spread ad in the Metro...for example. Sorry. But big f**k off bun for the idea. I would love to see this....somewhere....one day.
shinobi, Feb 10 2006


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