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self-inflating tyre

bumpy roads act as a pump to inflate slow leak for emergencies
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The up-and-down bouncing action of a car in normal driving ought to be enough to compress air through a valve to keep a tyre inflated if it has sprung a slow leak. This would have to be a microprocessor controlled system which let the correct amount of air in (or out, in hot weather) to keep the tyre at the correct pressure, plus it would have to trigger an alert to the driver that the car must be taken to a tyre repair shop immediately. If the car stayed stationary for any length of time (i.e. parked for hours, not stopped at the lights etc) it would disable the ignition so that the mechanism was not abused, especially since severe damage would occur if someone were stupid enough to drive on the rims.
gtoal, Jan 10 2006

Tweel http://www.core77.c...e_of_wheel_3279.asp
[moomintroll, Jan 11 2006]

Self-inflating bicycle tyre project http://www.kickstar...re?ref=discover_pop
Similar idea except for bicycles. [gtoal, Aug 31 2011]


       If you are driving on bumpy ground the tyre needs to be slightly deflated to avoid punctures. If you are driving on smooth ground it needs to be well inflated. This tends to make your idea difficult to use.   

       Also, by the time you notice that the tyres are deflating, wouldnt that be too late to try and drive on them?   

       Nice idea but rather than spending £300 on installing it to a car ($500 ish. Im guessing thats how much it would cost) I would rather speind £30 on a foot pump
miasere, Jan 11 2006

       A foot pump ehh that would take a while. Why not have a pump attached to the cars shocks.
Antegrity, Jan 11 2006


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