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Anti-dazzle device for dental patients

Alternative to sleeping mask
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I sometimes find myself being severely dazzled when at the dentist on the chair, because the lamp that they use to light up your mouth also spills over into your eyes. Apparently they don't have enough fine control to shine only on the mouth area.

When I complain to my dentist, he gives me a sleeping mask to cover my eyes. Unfortunately it's "lights out" completely and being in the dark while they're working on you is somehow even more nerve-wracking that when you can see all the scary tools.

My solution to this is to give the patient polarised glasses (like IMax-3D glasses) and have a cross-polarized filter sheet over the lamp, so that you cut out the lamp light quite effectively, but continue to see the normal office illumination from the room's flourescent lights etc.

gtoal, Nov 02 2006


       This would work, except you would be halving the light output from his very powerful lights...
cowtamer, Nov 02 2006

       Your dentist is rubbish. At least at aiming lights. They most certainly do have enough fine control to just shine into the mouth, believe me.
moomintroll, Nov 03 2006

       My dentist uses darkly tinted safety glasses.
xandram, Nov 03 2006

       Even when they're working on you [xandram]? Sounds pretty dangerous.
methinksnot, Nov 04 2006

       And that, my friend, is why you have such an interesting love life.
methinksnot, Nov 04 2006

       Ouch? That was supposed to be a compliment!
methinksnot, Nov 04 2006

       To you rising above me in complimenting [xandram].
methinksnot, Nov 06 2006


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