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I may be stupid, but when I look my self in the mirror, and when I wake up in the morning, and when I look all around, I realize one thing, and this one thing is all that's really important... and that one thing is......... what was I trying to say?


Pronounced "lumpy" if you're American or "looomP-ie" if you're British.... at least that's the way I imagine it.

[Aug 29 2001, last modified Mar 12 2002]

(+4, -3) Car Thrust Reversers
 Car Thrust Reversers 2
(+2, -5) Dog Bowl Cereal Bowl
(+3, -1) Epoxy-Filled Windows
(+28, -4)(+28, -4)(+28, -4) Funny Restroom Symbols
(+2) Injectable [Insert Product] Skin
(+2, -7)(+2, -7) Long Hair Clothes
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Money-Free Taxation
(+7, -1) Personal Smoke Screen
(+2, -1) Stink-Filled Windows
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Suction Cup Coated Coat
(+4) Ultrasonic Stricture Treatment
(+3, -17)(+3, -17)(+3, -17) Union For Businesses

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