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Dog Bowl Cereal Bowl

It's fun to eat breakfast out of dog bowl with your name on it!
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It's a funny way to wake up and amuse your family members. Get a big dog bowl, have your name printed on it, and eat breakfast cereal out of it (with a spoon, of course).

Feel free to bark and/or growl at family members who get too close to your food.

lumpy, Oct 08 2001


       No cereal.
angel, Oct 09 2001

       No Mikey.
thumbwax, Oct 09 2001

       No comment.
Lemon, Oct 09 2001

       I'm going to embarrass myself and say this is baked. In preschool, we were each given very durable plastic bowls and pens to draw on them with. I was interested in writing my name, and the teacher helped me do this. For the rest of that year, I ate breakfast out of a bowl with my name on it. We also made plates, one of which I still have somewhere. How interesting. Hey! Wake up everybody.
sdm, Oct 09 2001

       You didn't start barking/growling at people who came too close to your breakfast... right sdm?
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001

       Baked, although not for breakfast. There's a chain of restaurants called "Dogwater Cafe" where the food comes in various sized dog dishes...one big wing platter comes on a trashcan lid.
StarChaser, Oct 12 2001

       "Gee, Ward, don't you think you were a bit hard on 'the Beaver' last night?"
AfroAssault, Oct 12 2001

       Baked. I'm eating a Honeycomb (really addictive Post cereal, for those of you who don't know) out of a metal bowl with little spike nodules protruding from the base and the name "Sparky" printed on it.   

       Been using it as a cereal bowl ever since I found it in Pet Kingdom last May.
jester, Dec 01 2001

       My name's not Sparky, by the way....
jester, Dec 01 2001

       Sparky! I've been wondering where you've been.
bristolz, Dec 01 2001

       Reminds me of "ways to get out of ever making breakfast for your family again", right up there with cinnamon air freshener and cold water in coffeepot. Wouldn't work well in my part of Appalachia, either, since half the time there's no cereal and mosttimes we can't get Sparky to eat with a spoon.
reensure, Dec 01 2001


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