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Injectable [Insert Product] Skin

Inject colors into skin of your TV, car, fridge, etc.
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The object in question is encased in a clear plastic shell with drain ports and injection ports.

Using syringes, inject colored or textured or glittery liquids and gels to get the look you want. Liquids for solid colors, gels for patterns. Maybe even half-filled skins of liquids for a sloshing color effect on your car!

lumpy, Jan 15 2003


       An interesting way to achieve our longstanding goal of color-changing cars. However, I suspect it would all go to a murky brown with indeterminate streaks in short order.
DrCurry, Jan 15 2003

       DrCurry, in that case, perhaps you'd have separate tanks for each color injection, with a flush tank to prevent mixing. However, that's a little beyond the scope this idea.
lumpy, Jan 15 2003

       I like it purely if it will brighten my fridge up,it might encourage me to put something into it.
skinflaps, Jan 15 2003

       Wow, "other: [general]" is unbelievably popular this week for some reason. I think this idea belongs over in "product: paint", though. Thanks!
krelnik, Jan 15 2003

       krelnik: I tried to find a good category, but paint dries and goes on the outside.
lumpy, Jan 16 2003

       I realize this isn't really paint, but it does serve the purpose of paint, does it not? (For instance, read "Programmable House Paint" in that category---many of the solutions proposed in the annotations aren't really paint at all).   

       By the way, I like your idea. +
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       [UnaScot], while you can always paint anything you wish, this allows a moving, liquid display that is quite easily modifiable. Pushing this idea, you could even fill a skin with sand.   

       I'd like to fill a skin with half blue-dyed water, and half vegetable oil to create a wave-illusion effect. You can't do that with paint.
lumpy, Jan 19 2003

       Or vodka martini, for the drunk-driver who's always on the go.......
CheeseFilteredCigarette, Jan 19 2003

       Or an ant farm, for entomologists.
lumpy, Jan 19 2003


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