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Long Hair Clothes

Do all the things with these garments that you do with long hair!
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I think this would be a good fad to start for girls who love to braid everything in sight. You have clothes selectively covered with real or synthetic hair, about 20 inches long, give or take, that you can braid, or put pony tails in, or perm, or fro, etc. You could even give your clothes funky haircuts. And it'd be warm for winter months. Long hair shirts. Long hair pants. Long hair dresses.

Ahhh, I can smell the fishbones already.

lumpy, Feb 26 2002


       Or you could buy them a doll with braidable hair.
phoenix, Feb 26 2002

       ah sparki, memories, memories, all comes flooding back - anyone got a bucket!
po, Feb 26 2002

       I used to know a girl who spent her entire life embroidering her denim jacket. She had hair that was too short to braid. Painting Converse All Stars used to be a popular option about 10 years ago. There's plenty of customisable clothes out there; braids and pony tails are pretty lame in comparison.
pottedstu, Feb 26 2002

       Would you have to get your clothes cut? Would your pants get dandruff? Would it be okay to wear blonde after summer's end?
waugsqueke, Feb 26 2002

       nah...it's not happening. Fashion designers could use it for their catwalks, which is o.t.t for advertising and sensation...I'd love to see an afro jumper!
isla, Apr 25 2002

       so does Afro.
po, Apr 25 2002

       Ugh, too much like mohair. Let's not go there.
enig99, Jun 20 2003


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