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Personal Smoke Screen

Leave attackers in cloud of dense fog
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Don't just run away from attackers, activate a pressurized fanny pack that emits zero-visibility fog behind you. (as used in car and business anti-theft products)

It's hard for an attacker to follow if they can't see 1/2 inch in front of their face.

lumpy, Oct 29 2001


       I don't disagree. Shoot 'em too. Just another option.
lumpy, Oct 29 2001

       Just follow the trail of smoke...
phoenix, Oct 29 2001

       Phoenix: I think the idea is that you glance round for an escape route and fire off a smoke screen between you and your attackers (preferably enveloping them in smoke). Then you duck down the side alley while they blunder comically about with their arms stretched in front of them, bumping into lamp posts and tripping over things. No smoke trails.
Skinny Rob, Oct 29 2001

       I was running with the original idea of a "fanny pack that emits zero-visibliity fog behind you".   

       As for the trail of smoke issue:
1) Run down the block while removing fanny pack
2) When alley conveniently presents itself, throw fanny pack along your original trajectory and duck into alley.
3) Nincompoop thieves follow trail of smoke.
4) You escape. Hilarity ensues.
phoenix, Oct 29 2001

       Of course, you must yell 'Ninja Vanish!' just before firing it off...
StarChaser, Oct 30 2001

       Also used widely by stage magicians and pantomime villains. Of course, they tend to have a trap-door handy.
pottedstu, Oct 30 2001

       Does the bumbag contain a portable trap door as well, then?
sadie, Dec 02 2002

       Where would it lead?
Ludwig, Dec 03 2002

       To tears, Ludwig. To tears.
DrBob, Dec 03 2002

       A combination smoke screen / oil slick might work better, and would take us one step closer to humanity's enduring dream of Inspector Gadget-style gizmos for all...
friendlyfire, Dec 03 2002


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