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Computer tech by day, sound sleeper by night, Liberally-Conservative Libertarian pretty much all the time.

Attracted to bad puns, curvy women, and shiny objects. Attractive to every other object in the universe proportional to the inverse of the distance between us squared.

Likes taking ideas that people are too lazy to change, and changing them. Dvorak keyboards, constructed languages, calendar reform -- he wishes he thought of those before anyone else.

Details subject to change without notice, but are more likely to change with plenty of advance warning.

[Mar 24 2002]

(+9, -1)(+9, -1) 5-days/week calendar
 Base-60 Alphanumerics
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) "Big Ear" on Moon
 Binary-tree Legislature
(+3, -1) Bioturf Roads
(+1) Comparative Religion Seminary
(+8, -1) Four day school week
(+4) Fuzz Gloves for Astronauts
(-2) Genealogic Names
(+4, -1) Holographic Preview Mannequin
(+14)(+14) Markov Googler
 Move the prime meridian
(+5, -8) Move U.S. capital
(+2, -6) "No-Limit" Campaign Financing
(+8, -3) Opt-out Capital Punishment
 Personalized Holidays
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Politician's pay based on average wage
(+3, -1) Put UN on top of WTC
 Safe and sober parents
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) Splurge Protector
(+5, -2) Viral gene engineering
 Virtuous Months

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