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Safe and sober parents

Make drugs legal, then load them full of contraceptives
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This idea comes in two parts. First, legalize everything from marijuana to heroin. Second, load up the drugs with enough contraceptives to prevent conception for several months or longer.

To be fair, we can include tobacco products and alcohol to the list of drugs we add contraceptives to. Potency is the primary criteria -- whether it be ingested, inhaled, or injected -- but it should also be long-lasting. In addition, a contraceptive that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless would be ideal. Tax the heck out of the drugs as well, using the proceeds to fund treatment and public service announcements like "You can have fun. Or you can have children. It's your choice." (I'm not an advertising executive, so it's not a very good ad.)

If you could prevent men and women from having children until they were clean and sober for several months in a row it would probably drastically reduce teen pregnancies, as well as birth defects and low birth weight caused by abusing drugs. It would really only lower the birthrate in the developed world, but it would be a start.

mrouse, Apr 04 2002


       Obligatory binky meets bongo post
thumbwax, Apr 04 2002

       You forgot beer, whiskey, junk food, fast food, coffee, tea, OTC pharmaceuticals and weight loss products. And fishbones.
phoenix, Apr 04 2002

       Actually, I mentioned alcohol. I haven't heard of a causal link between other junk foods and birth defects/low weight babies -- and I like tea too much to cut out caffeine. :)
mrouse, Apr 04 2002

       Contraceptives in Catholic Church communion wine? Might have some trouble there.   

       This would make the Irish become extinct.
waugsqueke, Apr 04 2002

       You assume that anyone that uses drugs, also abuses drugs. You also assume that having fun, and having children are mutually exclusive, according to your slogan. I assume that you don't have children.

       You could deliver the contraceptive in a limited dose, so that it would build up in the system of a chronic user, rendering him/her sterile after a period of time. However, this would not prevent unwanted pregnancies due to drunken encounters, as seems to be part of your intent.

       Rant. Fishbone.
xrayTed, Apr 04 2002

       Add stupidity to the list, at the very top!
dag, Apr 04 2002

       Actually, I assume that people should not use drugs and have kids at the same time. The responsible level for drug use during pregnancy is fairly low. I don't consider it a rant -- illegal drugs are cut with stuff a lot more dangerous than contraceptives, and people who use them are now thrown in jail (which I guess is a form of birth control). This is a way of making the law less punitive while still protecting the public. I'm not really thrilled about contraceptive beer, but I put alcohol in the group in the interest of fairness.
mrouse, Apr 04 2002

       I agree that drug use during pregnancy (by the woman) is irresponsible and possibly dangerous. Your idea, however, does not prevent this. Your idea also does not prevent the use or misuse of drugs after the birth of the child. Using heroin, regardless of it's legal repercussions, while caring for a newborn is a no-no.

       Your rant is that you think that people who abuse drugs should be prevented from conceiving a child. This is your opinion; it alone does not constitute an idea. Your idea is a flimsy veneer, with "legalize everything" thrown in an attempt to gather momentum.
xrayTed, Apr 04 2002


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