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Splurge Protector

Credit card with two limits -- higher limit requires two signatures
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There should be a credit card for couples where there is one limit for a single signature -- say $100 -- and a higher limit for both signatures ($5000 or whatever). That way, it could be used by either for normal purchases (groceries and the like), but if one of the spouses goes wild and wants a new computer system or hand-sewn designer dress or whatever he or she would need to convince the other spouse before the item could be purchased.

It would also reduce the problem with credit card fraud, because a thief would need an accomplice to charge big ticket items.

mrouse, Apr 04 2002


       Nice. Some banks do this for savings/checking accounts.
phoenix, Apr 04 2002

       Yes. This is a good idea. Like some company checks I've seen that has the line "two signatures required for amounts over $x."
bristolz, Apr 04 2002

       Why, Mepista? I have for years and I haven't come to any harm yet.
bristolz, Apr 05 2002

       But Unabubba don't that mean you have to work awfully hard, and long hours and all, like you do? I don't wanna! Eeewwww!   

       This is a good idea, though. In my case, it's the little stuff that wipes out the weekly budgeting targets.
Dog Ed, Apr 05 2002

       Best splurge protection: don't have a credit card.
calum, Apr 05 2002

       We have a compromise - we retain currnet accounts, but have a joint accoutn into which we pay what is needed each month to pay the mortgaeg, bills, childcare etc. The rest is 'our' money - although we both save various amounts, and make sure we're saving enough overall. However, if one of us wants to splurge, we splurge with impunity.
goff, Apr 05 2002

       Never marry an accountant.
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       bliss: are you implying that only the deflowered have good ideas?
bristolz, Apr 05 2002

       Thanks, Blissmiss. Actually, I would "rediscover" halfbakery every couple of months, though I never posted anything. The last time I rediscovered it (a couple of weeks ago) I saw some really funny/cool/odd ideas, so I just had to start an account and add my zwei pfennigs worth.
mrouse, Apr 05 2002

       Heh heh, if I had this type of card, I'd *need* a co-signer. I'll keep you in mind. ;-)
mrouse, Apr 05 2002


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