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Personalized Holidays

Employees choose which days to celebrate.
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In the U.S., public workers generally get the following days off:

New Year's Day, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., Washington's Birthday (or President's Day), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Instead of giving everyone the same days off, why not give employees ten days to choose what they want to celebrate -- birthdays and anniversaries of family members, days of personal meaning, and holidays that don't rate federal status like Groundhog Day, Valentine's, St. Patricks, April Fools, Earth Day, Apollo Day, etc.

Since you want at least a skeleton crew to serve the public in case everyone wants to take "Elvis's Birthday" off, let workers choose their holidays one at a time, by seniority. Jews can get Yom Kippur off while covering Christmas, Mexican-Americans can celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Muslims can put all ten days in Ramadan if they want, and Pagans can celebrate solstices, equinoxes, and whatever else they like. It would allow other cultures the chance to celebrate things while still keeping the wheels of government turning -- and maybe the Canadian version of Thanksgiving will catch on to allow more shopping days before Christmas (grin).

mrouse, Jan 21 2003


       Yep,then i can take sickdays on all the other public and bank holidays,have this on croissant day +
skinflaps, Jan 21 2003

       Actually, I was thinking this might cut down on "celebratory sick days" -- I've worked in places where the first day of deer hunting season was the worst flu day of the year. :)
mrouse, Jan 21 2003

       mrouse, in Pennsylvania, that first day of deer season is Deer Day, which about 2/3 of businesses acknowledge. It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, so a lot of folks get a 5-day weekend.
waugsqueke, Jan 21 2003

       Baked at my firm. We have some standard holidays, and some (4?) flexible holidays that employees are entitled to use to observe whatever suits them.
EvilHomer, Jan 21 2003

       //Jews can get Yom Kippur off while covering Christmas//
Tell that to the Catholics at film studios who are unable to get off woik to go to Christmas/Easter Services and/or Midnight Mass, while their Jewish supervisors take off early, if they even show up. I see it happen every year, without fail.
thumbwax, Jan 21 2003

       Why would Jewish supervisors take off early to go to Catholic Midnight Mass and, since it's at midnight, what does "early" mean?
bristolz, Jan 21 2003

       This is entirely Baked - most US firms have some number of "personal days" you can exercise with varying amounts of discretion.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2003

       bris - they don't go to Midnight Mass, they just leave, if they even come in at all *&* still get paid, since they're on salary. The bottom line: actual religious observance is held in high regard by the Hollywood entertainment system, just as long as it's practitioners are Jewish.
thumbwax, Jan 22 2003

       Many British firms let you take most public holidays (bank holidays) when you see fit. But if most people are going to take Christmas day off, then it probably makes sense for the office to be shut that day.   

       (I still don't understand thumbwax though: is he saying that all the managers are Jewish and the underlings Christian, or that the Jewish managers go home early and the Christian managers stay on?)
kropotkin, Jan 22 2003

       With rare, and I do mean rare exception, the executives throughout Studios are Jewish. Casting Directors for minor projects and anything considered grunt woik are primarily non-Jewish, as there is actual labor involved. Agencies are a mixed lot, as most independents are non-Jewish, while larger firms, like the Studios, are composed mostly of Bergs, Cohens, Golds, Steins and any combination of the names to form more syllables.
thumbwax, Jan 22 2003

       Nah, I'm all for designated days when your work place has to close down and everyone can just push off. If you had optional holidays then you just know that 1) some bosses would try and pressure their employees into working anyway and 2) some sad gits would succumb, thus putting pressure on the rest of us to fall into line. At my workplace it's a struggle with some people just to get them to use up their annual leave entitlement. It would be a nightmare if they could come in to work on public holidays as well.
DrBob, Jan 22 2003


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