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Genealogic Names

First, middle, and last name ordered to help genealogy creation
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While I was researching my family tree (and getting frustrated by missing ancestors), I came up with the following ideas to help future generations trace their roots:

1. When married, a wife adds her husband's last name before hers, and the husband adds his wife's name before his. Example: John Paul Smith marries Michelle Ellen Doe, he becomes John Paul Doe Smith, she becomes Michelle Ellen Smith Doe.

2. Sons share their dad's married name as their middle and last name (Doe Smith), while daughters share their mom's married name as their middle and last name (Smith Doe).

3. Children's first name is derived from their parents' name thusly: middle name of opposite sex parent, middle name of same sex parent, first name of opposite sex parent, first name of same sex parent, suitably adjusted for sex. For the above couple, this means the first son is Allen Doe Smith, second son is Paul Doe Smith, third son is Michael Doe Smith, fourth son is John Doe Smith. For daughters, we would have something like Paulene Smith Doe, Ellen Smith Doe, Joanne Smith Doe, and Michelle Smith Doe. Any further children would be named whatever the family desires.

With such a method, given any four children we could come up with the full names of both parents, and make it a lot easier to trace one's family tree (unless one were the fifth son of a fifth son <grin>). On the other hand, it would reduce the amount of creativity needed to name your child and might make things confusing in large families, which might be a negative in some cases.

mrouse, Nov 07 2002


       // might make things confusing //   

       <>><><>{#~~**)(???><><><>/)<><> ?
skinflaps, Nov 07 2002

       No, actually it would be a male version of "Elizabeth" (whatever that is). I'm open to other ideas on how to make lineage clearer, though.
mrouse, Nov 08 2002

       So what do you name the great great grandchildren? I tried but I ran out of variables for a good sampling.
hollajam, Nov 08 2002

       If I know the names of the great great grandparents I could figure it out. ;-)
mrouse, Nov 08 2002

       *John Paul Smith/ Michelle Ellen Doe
Allen Andy Smythe/Paulene Dot Dough

       This was done to save space. You need to *unzip* all combinations. You should end up with enough names to plot your answer. I sure am glad your better at this than me ;-)
hollajam, Nov 08 2002

       I love the Icelandic system. It's so simple. For example, Vigdis Finbogadottir, the first lady president of Iceland, is simply Vigdis, the daughter of Finboga, and Magnus Magnusson, famed quizmaster and honourary Scot, is Magnus, the son of Magnus. Part of the reason I like the Icelandic system is the daft names - who on earth called their son Finboga?   

       (Comma added to please 8th and others. Also Vigdis' name corrected after a quick google.)   

       Of course, for genealogical reasons, this is an absolute nightmare - which bl**dy Magnus was it - but it would have saved much embarrasment in my schooldays.
PeterSilly, Nov 08 2002

       So if Jane Doe marries John Deer, she becomes Jane Doe Deer? And if her daughter marries her cousin, then she becomes Jane Doe Deer Doe?
pocketweasel, Nov 08 2002

       ...Oh, dear dough...
hollajam, Nov 08 2002

       // Vigdis, the daughter of Figginboga and Magnus Magnusson //   

       I never knew he was the father of the President of Iceland .... or have I misinterpreted the punctuation ?   

       However, this is no longer a problem as once all BMD records are computerised it will become easy (from this point on) to run queries for genealogy on the databases. The problem is purely historical due to the loss of information which we can never now replace. So while this is Bakeable, it is also pointless - so I suppose it's found it's niche.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2002

       Elizaben, Cartman, Luck, Van, Rod & Gretchor.
General Washington, Nov 08 2002

       "No, actually it would be a male version of "Elizabeth" (whatever that is)."
phoenix, Nov 08 2002

hollajam, Nov 08 2002

       Let's use a pseudo-Icelandic model for converting names from male to female and vice versa: Elizabethson, Catherineson, Felicityson, Vanessason, Roseson, Gretchenson. Having a bizarre name is a small price to pay to simplify family trees. (Grin)
mrouse, Nov 08 2002

       Jeez, let's just make our own names when we turn 18, I want mine to be Raven Nightshade.
I_Love_Lee_Cochran, Jan 12 2005


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