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Anyone noticed that "nep" is pen backwards?

My R is composed of 3 main forces, S, T, U,
S is V by X, T is V by Y, and U is just Z.

[Apr 15 2004, last modified Nov 12 2004]

(+1) Anti-Germ Microwave
(+1, -2) Bad Driver Darts
(+1) Balancer
 Bleach collars
 caffeinated everything
(+2) Depression bowl
(+2) Dust Jet
(+1) Evaporative Generator
 Geared man-ball
(+1) Hit counter
(+1) Imaging Lighter
(+4, -3) Incremental stage rocket
(-2) Is it Cooked Tofu?
 kinetic energy gun
(+6) Laser Based Strawberry Editing System
(+1) Lunar Execution
(+1) M-select Taskbar
(+1) parabolic currency
 Powered Bouncy Ball
 Radiator Staw
(+1, -3) Reverse-drilling
(+7, -2) "scanning" Electron Oven
 Tree duster

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