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Balances a item on a platform
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Attached to the ( have ) base is a platform that is moved by motors ( you need 2 - one for y-axis, one for x-axis ). You put an item on the platform as of you where trying to make it balance. There is either a sensor on the platform that notices the push generated when something starts to fall over or a camera that watches the top.

When one of these sensors detects motion ( in the object ), the motors move the platform so that it will stop falling over.

A handheld model might be nifty - show off your ability to balance stuff!

my-nep, Oct 21 2003

Ted Larson's balancing robot stuff http://www.tedlarso...ts/balancingbot.htm
They usually look like a seqway without a handle. Or with a handle, if you want to balance people. [jutta, Dec 17 2004]


       [ unaBabba ] It's intended to be about the size of a book.   

       Ok, i'll try to explain it: Try balancing something on your hand. Notice how your hand goes goes back and forth? This is basicaly why the motors are moving the platform.
my-nep, Oct 21 2003


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