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Hit counter

Hit counter for ideas.
  [vote for,

Self explanatory.

Sorry if this is already a veiw option.

my-nep, Mar 23 2004


       /veiw/!! Heh! +
bungston, Mar 23 2004

       I'm happy with just a vote counter.
sufc, Mar 23 2004

       Hit counters are a load of rubbish anyway which don't reflect in any way how many people actually read the page. How about a random number display?
kropotkin, Mar 24 2004

       Heh. I bet a lot of us have repeatedly clicked refresh at some point (in order to read some of the non-lame taglines).
RobertKidney, Mar 25 2004

       I think some kind of 'auto-delete' when you get to -10 or something should be introduced.   

       Also you shouldn't be able to vote for your own idea.   

       I was also toying with some way of rating who the 'most grumpy' person is on halfbakery .. determined by the ratio of fishbones they award compared to croissonts. Never got round to turning it into an 'idea' though.   

       But I digress!!
britboy, Mar 25 2004


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