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Bad Driver Darts

Marks idiotic drivers!
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All vehicles are given 3 "darts" per month, if you see someone do something reall dumb in a car, you take a 'dart' from your glovebox, and throw it at the persons car. Now, the dart has a electro-magnetic end that attaches itself permanentaly to the car, and the other end has a small powerful flashing light! To have these removed without causing huge paint bare spots of metal, you must contact a policeman, and you can have one removed per month free, and must pay $25 per extra, and if a person his in the eccess of 5, the drivers license is revoced for 3 months!
my-nep, Feb 17 2004


       sp: revoked.   

       This is hilarious. I like the lights on them, so long as they don't blind other drivers, and I think people would team up against others they don't like to keep them off the road. So maybe nothing with the revoked--just a big fat "Watch out for this guy."
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 17 2004

       what about morons that would through the dart just to make the person pay moneu and make him look like a bad driver when really it was someone just goofing around. each dart should have the dart owners name and phone number so the police can phone the guy and varify what the driver was doing wrong
stinkycheese, Feb 17 2004

       99% of drivers do'nt have a clue when it comes to driving skills and are not in the position to pass judgement on others.Toss this out of the window.
python, Feb 17 2004

       and how are are you going to throw a dart at a moving car while you are drivind with wind resistence and all it would probly come back and hit your car
stinkycheese, Feb 17 2004

       what is the percentage of male drivers who think they are Michael Schumacher ?
po, Feb 17 2004

       //Now, the dart has a electro-magnetic end that attaches itself permanentaly to the car//   

       My cars have plastic/fiberglass body panels. Does this idea mean I can drive like a maniac and laugh at drivers as their darts bounce off?
GenYus, Feb 17 2004

       See "Car Ma" and "Automobile Paint Ball" for other very similar ideas, right here in this category (links at upper right).
krelnik, Feb 17 2004

       I think darts would have a tendency to accumulate. If you saw a car that already had flashing lights, you would be more likely to add to its load
Tranai, Feb 17 2004

       Another "punish people who I think are bad drivers." N'uh-uh.
waugsqueke, Feb 17 2004

       <the REAL my-ne did not post this>
my-nep, Feb 18 2004

       <helping out the evil fake-nep> Fast acting epoxey or other adhesive would stick to all* cars.   

       *= unless someone "butters" the car... <hoefn>
my-nep, Feb 18 2004

       /99% of drivers do'nt have a clue /   

       True, the guy going faster than you is a showoff moron with no respect for other peoples safety and the guy going slower than you is a big moron who cant press the gas pedal hard enough.   

       About the idea, isnt is a safety issue to be putting ur hand out of the window to take aim and 'fire' especially when you yourself are driving?   

       Maybe have the darts stored in an compartment below your car, and then lock and fire.
mrsarcasm, Mar 04 2008

       Perhaps usage of the darts should be estricted to people who would use them responsibly.   

       How about this: once the dart touches, Auto-Chaser Cars come out of nowhere and stop them? Useful, fun and it solves the non-sticking problem.
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 04 2008

       Easy fix: cut dart off just behind the tip, using a bolt cutter (which I recommend as part of the tool kit one should carry in one's car), leaving the severed tip as a sort of well-earned battle scar. It is something like the elaborately shredded mantling behind coats of arms: it says, look at the sort of self-righteous prigs I've had to cut my way through!   

       Better idea arising from this: start selling self-adhesive fake severed dart tips ...
Ned_Ludd, Mar 05 2008

       So the bad driver who tailgates, pulls out to pass in front of oncoming traffic then flips me off could also ruin the paintjob on my car? People are not impartial in the way they judge other drivers, often failing to include their own behavior. People tend to act agresively when they are angry and regret what they have done when the moment has passed, this would play into that tendency.
WcW, Mar 05 2008


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