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M-select Taskbar

For closing many programs fast.
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Maybe it's just my computer, but it tends to collect _huge_ numbers of programs running on the task bar (and weird ones too- no name or window). So, I propose a (toggle able) ability to select a group by "dragging" font selection style.
This would make it less annoying to close them (and other activities).
my-nep, May 02 2004

SpyHunter http://www.enigmaso....com/products.shtml
[ldischler, Oct 05 2004]

Ad-Aware http://www.lavasoft...m/software/adaware/
The best free spyware killer out there. [waugsqueke, Oct 05 2004]

Spybot search & destroy http://www.safer-networking.org/
Excellent free trash remover. [cromagnon, Oct 05 2004]


       Wouldn't it be easier to just fix whatever the real problem is (tasks that get started without your knowledge or consent)?
jutta, May 02 2004

       Those windows are called "spyware droppings" -- you have a sick computer. Get some antivirus software! Or, use this nice Windows replacement -- <a href="http://www.knoppix.net/>Knoppix/Linux</a> -- you can even boot it without affecting your hard drive!
shavenwarthog, May 02 2004

       SpyHunter works, but trying it out for free, beware. It told me I had “I Spy” on my system, but when I bought it and ran it for real, it wasn’t there. It was a marketing lie. (see link)
ldischler, May 02 2004

       Repeat after me... Linux....liiiinnnnuuxxxxx.
eyeguy, May 02 2004

       Ah, the linux criers. Bunch a baloney. The only reason there are not as many virii and spyware for linux boxes is because hardly anyone uses 'em and it would be a waste of time for the writers when there are so many more Windows boxes. Bigger market.   

       Were linux as popular as Windows is now, it would have just as many problems, if not more. Probably more, being open source.   

       Anyway, yeah, my-, your computer is fucked up. I recommend running Ad-Aware, then a really good virus checker.
waugsqueke, May 02 2004

       Also, make sure your computer clock isn't inaccurate! Here's a free program you can download to correct it....
phundug, May 02 2004

       Ran adaware...had 450 or so baddies!
my-nep, May 03 2004

       What about this as a boss advoidence system??
my-nep, May 03 2004

       Becareful when downloading adaware. There are copycap programs named ada-ware (or ad-aware) that are spyware loading programs. The real adaware is by lavasoft.
GenYus, May 03 2004

       On the topic of selecting between bajillions--yes its a number, leave me alone ;)--of open windows, I find OS X's Exposé deal to be nice... all the windows zoom out so none are on top of each other and then you either click the one you want or move there with arrow keys and hit enter.   

       Saves my life when I have terminal, iCal, word, textwrangler, skype, adium, camino, transmit, fugu, and itunes all open at the same time.
kevinlipe, Feb 22 2006


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