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Do good.

[Mar 06 2004, last modified Aug 22 2014]
(+1) Audio CDs in books
 Biometric Camera
(+1) Braille Shirt
(+1) Cat Book
(+13, -3)(+13, -3) Catalytic Nosehair
 Color-coded translation
(+1) Flush Extender
(+25)(+25)(+25) Inconspicuous Braille
 Inflatable Tent Floor
 Low-Impact Dual Mice
(+3) Pockets in Library Books
 Privatize Command
 Publicized Email
(+1) Rental Projectors at Video Stores
(+4) Spare Change Lottery
(+19)(+19) The "Don't Do That Ever Again" Button
(+6) Tuned Room
(+3, -1) USB Coffeepot
(+7) Utilitarian Currency

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