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Audio CDs in books

Music to set the mood
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* Indiginous music in "National Geographic" coffee table books
* Movie soundtracks in associated books (e.g. James Bond, 2001)
* Background noise, like the sound of waves or whistling wind
nilstycho, Mar 06 2004

(?) McSweeney's #6 http://www.papmag.n...l?page=story&sid=48
Music by They Might Be Giants [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

for [krod] http://store.yahoo....g/specmcsweenb.html
Only place I know of that sells it. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

The Future Dictionary of America http://store.mcswee...narybrofAmerica.cfm
Another McSweeney's publication with a music CD of songs, most of them specially written for the (progressive) occasion. [jutta, Apr 30 2006]


       I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea! A nice corollary might be to issue ebook text on movie DVDs for movies based on text -- Peter Jackson, are you here, do it for the complete set.   

       I'd suggest some techno upgrades (mp3 player or sound chip built into the book), Leap Frog type passages (click on the Passage and a famous actor reads it), etc.+
theircompetitor, Mar 06 2004

       I own something like this - McSweeney's tried it once. They Might Be Giants recorded a piece for each story, and tried to match the length to the story. They recommended pressing the repeat button on your CD player, in case they were off a bit.   

       It's actually quite a strange experience that I recommend trying at least once.   

       ([krod] Haven't tried the pink floyd thing.)
Worldgineer, Mar 06 2004

       TMBG whoa I want this book, is this like when you play Pink Floyd's The Wall with the Wizard of OZ?
krod, Mar 06 2004

       <toothorn>Including a music CD with a music book isn't nearly so original.</toothorn>
nilstycho, Mar 08 2004


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