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Catalytic Nosehair

Platinum electroplated nosehair cuts air pollution
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Finally, a stylish statement for smokers that says "I care."

Exhaling through your enhanced proboscis will reduce the number of toxins and irritants your neighbors breathe, without increasing risk to yourself. No surgery or discomfort, only a short nasal spray of our patented Platicoat dust administered by one of our licensed doctors. This season, say "I care" with a short stop to one of our convenient locations.

nilstycho, Nov 29 2004


       I'd like a price on this product
umm0i, Nov 30 2004

       It is arount 800 degrees. I don't think even the strongest Habenero/Jalepeno nasal gel can achieve that.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 21 2006

       Platinum plate the whole of the inside of the nose, then the heat might be bareable.   

       Yes, I am aware why that is a ridiculous solution.
Germanicus, Jun 23 2006


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