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Privatize Command

Press the button... privatize your document.
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Word stores all sorts of unsavory information in .docs: past edits and undos, your name, the location of the file on your computer, etc. There should be a command to remove all such information from a file, thereby [arguably] reducing functionality while cleaning the file for general consumption and distribution.
nilstycho, Mar 14 2004

How to remove sensitive information from Word files http://www.guardian...196,1166453,00.html
(Or: how you can't always.) From The Guardian's Ask Jack column. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       There's apparently a downloadable fix for Office 2003/XP, but not for Office 2000. Best solution is to save as an RTF file. I hate to say it, but sometimes Microsoft really are idiots. (For more info, see link.)
kropotkin, Mar 14 2004

       Just paste it into WordPad, and resave... that should clean it up.
zigness, Mar 14 2004

       Save it as a pdf. Then people will be able to read it on any platform, safe from viruses and it will be properly formatted too.
k9island, Mar 14 2004


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