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Flush Extender

Cheap hygenic device for small businesses
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Small restaurants, and other public places that have restrooms, but no money, could make toilets more hygenic by attaching a simple plastic extender to the toilet handle that reaches to the floor and terminates in a simple pedal or stirrup. The chief advantage over other means of sanitation is cost.
nilstycho, Apr 15 2004

I think these have the foot pedals http://news.bbc.co....england/3084047.stm
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       There should be a rope leading out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, so that the staff could flush the toilet without having to look at it.
phundug, Apr 15 2004

       In a college dorm (hallway-access bathrooms shared by groups of four rooms of two students each per bathroom) I saw something similar that some engineering students had cobbled together: A rope tied to the handle ran down to the floor, where it passed through two eye-loops screwed into a piece of two-by-four, so that by stepping on the rope between the eye-loops, the flush handle was pulled and the toilet was flushed. A small second piece of rope was attached to the segment from the handle to the floor, and to a small lever on the back of the toilet seat. As the flush rope moved down, a seat in the up position would be automatically dropped.
Freefall, Apr 15 2004

       I think this idea is so that people won't be touching the handle with hands that were just touching their "naughty bits". But if you are that worried about hygene, you will be washing your hands after you use the toilet, so the practicality would be limited.
GenYus, Apr 16 2004


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