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I'm still quite pickled, yes.

[Aug 05 2005, last modified Jul 05 2017]
(+3, -2) Autonomous Vacuum Phone Silencer
(+2) Cable-car Lighting
(+8, -1) Chip Bag Clips
(+1, -2) Drive-Thru Caddy
(+10)(+10) Elizabethan Cable Collar
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) Ennui Away
(+7, -1) Lichen Paint
(+8)(+8) Pencil Sharpener Sharpener
(+7) Phrenological Robot Hair Mower
(+2) Soft Drink Tilt Level Indicator
(+7) Stripping Wasps
(+10)(+10) Vacuum 'Boil Off' Hand Dryer

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