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Elizabethan Cable Collar

May not doth thine cable recede oft.
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I like to give charge to my mobile phone at my workplace, as it's the only time I am likely to remember this chore. To keep the wires neat and tidy on my, otherwise ramshackle, desk, I feed them through the brush clad holes that the designers have so kindly incorporated into its fine veneer, so that only the useful end need be visible.

When not in use, I tuck the cable back through the hole so that only a minimal length is protruding. Ideally only the plug would be exposed but I find that gravity, being so determined, will often tug at my cord and pull the whole length to the floor.

I've tried many approaches to ease my woes: jamming the plug underneath my mug (I forget when I sup my coffee), leaving a greater length of cable exposed (I cannot bear the tangled mess), pushing the plug some distance up my left nostril (it hurts and people stare), but no avail.

Just last week I had an eureka moment and fashioned a small collar from a circle of corrugated cardboard coffee cup sleeve. Piercing a hole in its centre for the cable and cutting a slit to the centre to allow it to be attached makes the plug’s extent a little larger than the hole. My delighted plug now has all its needs to resist the powerful persuassions of gravity.

So I propose: an integrated collar for every phone charger plug, perhaps detachable for those who do not find favour with its function and almost certainly made of folds of fine lace.

oniony, Aug 12 2005


coprocephalous, Aug 12 2005

       not sure fine lace is up to the challenge. heavy heavy starch,,, how did Liz get that collar to stand up like that?
dentworth, Aug 12 2005

       To minimize desk space usage, plug the cord into an electric helicopter. Attach other cables lacking anti-gravity devices as well.
Shz, Aug 12 2005

       + Novel application for a nostril befitting technology.   

       Use a plastic paperclip, so you don't need my head on your desk.
reensure, Aug 12 2005

       I had the same problem, but found a self adhesive stick on clip at Ace hardware, stuck it to the underside of the desk, and leave 3 inches over the top. I always have to charge the phone right by the rear edge of the desk, but it's neat, and saves twice a week forays into the dusty wire jungle behind it.
oxen crossing, Aug 14 2005


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