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Drive-Thru Caddy

Stay sat on your buns
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American fast-food restaurants have revolutionised the Western world. No longer must an individual detach himself from his vehicle in order to consume inordinate numbers of calories in luke-warm, fat patties clad in sugary buns.

With the drive-thru, the tradional constraint of the human frame has been released and people have embraced their new found freedom to expand to increasingly larger vehicles.

But for the imeasurably obese, the effort and exertion of ordering and paying at a drive through window, which are often positioned at a less than optimum height, may prove too much. For this new demographic the drive-thru caddy would provide, at a nominal charge, an invaluable service, collecting the customer's payment from the SUV window, passing monies through the vast expanse of air to the kiosk beside and then, shortly after, delivering the freshly deep-fat fried product to its eager recipient.

oniony, Mar 29 2006


       //imeasurably obese\\, //demographic\\, hehe.
zeno, Mar 29 2006

       Does the Caddy wear rollerskates?
Shz, Mar 30 2006

       So this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with pink convertible Cadillacs?
jurist, Mar 30 2006

       mmmmmm deep fried onion rings... super size... :) (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 30 2006


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