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Autonomous Vacuum Phone Silencer

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ri [gulp]
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Nobody likes an unattend mobile phone ringing away in the office, and he is rarely around anyway.

Shoo bee doo.

My autonomous, phone silencing, 'bot wanders the office, disguised as a small pot plant.

Pot see doo.

When it detects a repeated tone (it has electronics to do so) it will scurry over to the source and scoop up the device between its petal like claws, sucking the ringing, beeping, flashing, vibrating annoyance along its shoot and into the depths of its pot belly (via a discreet airlock).

Hiss see shoo.

Once inside the relatively airless chamber, the ringing will be inaudible to the office dwellers.

Sigh-lence shoo.

After some time, the plant would regurgitate the phone using a large number of shape memory wires along its osophagus and deposit the device back onto the desk with only minor surface scratches and a few stains from the boiled battery acid.

oniony, Mar 31 2006


       I'll have three. Can you make a big one for people?
moomintroll, Mar 31 2006


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