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This is me.

You can e-mail me.

My address is pnewport77 @ hotmail.com.

I am happy.

I hate Jacksonville.

[Jan 30 2001, last modified Feb 01 2001]

(+5, -2) Automatic Flag
(+3, -1) DialPad Random Dialer
(+6, -1) Fortune Beer
(+13, -7) I Hate Jacksonville
(+2) Paper Paperclips
 Pretzel Beer Can
(+28)(+28)(+28) Random Soda
(+6, -3) Really Big Eggroll
(+5, -2) Shooter Soccer (Football)
(+2) Smelly Flush
(+4, -1) Ultimate Headset
(+7, -2) URL Typo Corrector

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