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Pretzel Beer Can

Beer which is served in a container made of pretzel.
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The ideal situation for combining beer and pretzels. The beer could be poured into a container made entirely of pretzel, and when the alcohol had been consumed, the drinker could enjoy a light snack. This would also give beer a slightly saltier taste, which many people already enjoy.

The only problem that I see, is keeping the beer from making the pretzel container mushy, and thereby breaking and spilling the beer. How about a very thin layer of edible plastic applied to the inside of the pretzel-can which would keep it from deteriorating?

I think this would be great. You could also use flavored pretzels, depending on the beer. For instance, if you were drinking Corona, you might have a spicy, jalapeno flavored pretzel mug, or if you were drinking Moosehead, you could have a sour cream flavored pretzel.

This is an idea whose time has come.

pnewp, Jan 30 2001

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It's like "Combos" ... but it's a crime against nature. [centauri, Jan 30 2001]


       Oh. I thought at first you'd be talking about some sort of Klein bottle.
jutta, Jan 31 2001

       You could line the pretzel with sheep's stomach, like haggis.
Vance, Jan 31 2001

       Better yet, why not line it with a condom, then you'd be ready for that nightcap. Or she may just want to slip the condom over the pretzel and you can drink another brew alone. I see the merger now Herr/Trojan/Miller, It's oh so satisfying!
JETKAT, Feb 19 2001


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