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Fortune Beer

For a new microbrewery...
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Pretty simple idea. To help your microbrew stand out against the approximately 2,302,000 other microbrews out there, print a fortune on the label of the beer bottle. You'd cover it with the stuff they use on instant lottery tickets. The user would remove the bottle cap, and use that to scratch off the fortune.

Some possible fortunes:

"The person on your right has the hots for you." "Your spouse is cheating on you." "You should call a cab. Trust me."


The label is just a way to get people to try your beer... if it is any good, it could catch on.

pnewp, Mar 30 2001

Ramune http://www.mountfuj...Soft_Drinks_10.html
(Scroll to the middle of the page.) This is a fizzy soft drink with a glass marble in the bulge between stopper and main bottle. To open the bottle, one has to push the marble (hard!) from the top into the bulgy part. Between that and waugsqueke's 8-ball idea, I think we're on to something here... [jutta, Mar 30 2001]

codd bottle http://www.antiquebottles.com/codd/
That's what that style of bottle was called when it was still manufactured in good old England. Thanks for the reference, [PeterSealy] [jutta, Mar 30 2001]


       Wauqsqueke's idea is better than mine. Damn.   

       At least mine is more cost effective. ;)   

       And I'll not have to deal with those pesky choking-to-death lawsuits.
pnewp, Mar 30 2001

       Pnewp, no problem there. Just stretch some webbing across the inside of the bottle to retain the icosahedron. Better yet, make the bottle around the icosahedron so the latter won't fit through the neck of the bottle. Your idea has the advantage of working on kegs and cans as well as bottles, though.
Brendan, Mar 30 2001

       Just have all the fortunes say "Reply hazy, concentrate and try again." After a few bottles they'll be too soused to catch on. Watch your sales go through the roof.
centauri, Mar 30 2001

       Either that or they'll keep shaking the original beer with crowd-pleasing results. You could fix the die to predict explosions for every consultation of the same bottle after the fourth or fifth.
Monkfish, Mar 31 2001


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