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Automatic Flag

A flag can be raised and lowered by the sun...
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Here in the United States, it is common practice to raise the flag at dawn, and lower the flag at dusk. This can be accomplished via a motorized flagpole.

A light sensor is introduced at the top of the flag. When the sensor is activated by the sunrise, the motor engages, raising the flag to the top. When the sun goes down, the motor engages and lowers the flag.

This would be primarily intended for application in situations where removing the flag from the pole would be terribly inconvenient. It could, however, be modified for flag removal by allowing for an override button at the base of the pole. The override button would also allow for some special flag flying practices (such as half mast, and retrieving the flag to fly it upside-down.)

Such a product would be possible using existing technology.

pnewp, Feb 07 2001

American Flag Etiquette http://www.azstarne...gan/flaglaw.htm#174


       Just illuminate the flag during the evening and you can keep it aloft, 24/7/365.   

       >>see link<<
iuvare, Feb 08 2001

       Sounds easy enough, and far more fun than setting a light-activated night light on the flag.   

       It may be possible to incorporate a calendar into the machine, so that it automatically sets the flag at half mast on certain days, either factory set, or by your selection.   

       However, I suspect that to provide strict respect to the flag (something I'm not particularly worried about...) and to keep it from getting ragged before it's time, you probably ought to include some method of protecting the flag from the elements when it is lowered.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 09 2006


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