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Really Big Eggroll

Why are they so small?
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If you are like me, you like eggrolls. The problem is that you need about two or three of them before you are satisfied.

My question is, if they can make a burrito the size of your thigh, why can't they make a bigger eggroll? I'm not asking for mammoth proportions, just something that's say about 2.5 times the size of a normal eggroll. It would still taste good.

pnewp, Mar 29 2001


       I'm sure it can be done. but since they're deep-fried, they may have to be a certain size to cook evenly and thoroughly. hmmmm..maybe they can be longer, but keep the same thickness....
procrastinator, Mar 30 2001

       What size is a normal eggroll? There are two general sizes I get in restaurants around here --- some are about 3/4 in. diameter and 4 in. long, and you get 2-4 of them; some are about 1 in. long and you get a dozen or so.   

       (anyway, I think eggrolls are supposed to be an appetizer.)   

       Perhaps the super-eggroll could be made in some sort of crenellated fractal shape so that it can still soak up plenty of oil despite its smaller area-to-volume ratio.
wiml, Mar 30 2001

       One big eggroll you could eat like a burrito would be good -- maybe widen the 'rolls slightly and make them enormously longer. Or coil them and serve them on a spindle, if the wrapping could be made to cope. The biggest problem with applying the Burrito Paradigm, really, is that eggrolls are usually hot and oily and unpleasant to eat with your hands.   

       It might be possible to eat more than one small eggroll and achieve a similar effect, but I'm willing to leave that sort of thing to the scientists.
Monkfish, Mar 30 2001

       I would rather get multiple smaller egg rolls, because each one can have its own unique character that you will probably miss out on by eating one gigantic burrito-proportioned egg roll. Ha, I just mentioned "unique character" when talking about egg rolls!
gd, Mar 30 2001

       Apparently it's been overlooked that a great deal of what we know as Chinese Food is efficiency in the garden, pantry and stovetop. Essentially, foods prepared with small pieces i.e. scraps of vegetable and/or meat as ingredients made what Westerners would toss into trash palatable and a joy to consume. French -or- Haute Cuisine, while less efficient in terms of preparation time, is also derived from 'hiding' flawed produce by slicing it into julienne strips and covering it under a rich sauce. At its inception, produce was of course, not widely available and quality was low. Westerners and Europeans now pay exhorbitant prices for French Cuisine, though the origins are humble. I have had large egg rolls from a few places. They are quite heavy in oil, do not have the same refinement, and are not on my list of things to try again.
thumbwax, Mar 30 2001

       Anyway, smaller eggrolls allow for greater granularity of appetite levels.
hippo, Mar 30 2001

       YAY, giant eggrolls!!! I wish I could vote more than once
LittleBitONothing, Mar 30 2001

       Further to thumbwax's annotation. With Chinese food you also have to take into account the eating utensils. Try picking up a four foot long egg-roll with a pair of chopsticks.
DrBob, Mar 30 2001

       Not ordinary chopsticks, Doctor. Giant ones.
Monkfish, Mar 31 2001

       You provide the eggroll UB and I'm willing to give it a try.
DrBob, Apr 03 2001

       Did you say "the Avocado Constant"?
PotatoStew, Apr 04 2001

       Dude, this idea kicks ass! Let's get some jumbo-sized eggroll stuffed croissants on this one pronto! Mmm mmm mmm.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       What's an eggroll?
sild, Aug 13 2002

       An eggroll is only the most delicious fried oriental food on the planet. It is a fried, flaky, soft, wanton-like flour shell that surrounds a seasoned mish-mash of cabbage, carrots, chicken, and other things. It's like a fried Chinese burrito, really.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       What is this with giant eggrolls? Can't you ever have anything without trying to destroy its origin? I mean, what you have in the restaurants sometimes are already sometimes good but often bad modifications of the food already. If you're gonna have any type of foreign foods wouldn't you want to get the true experience of that country? The burrito that you get here isn't what the Mexicans really make at home anyways. Everyone seems to want bigger and bigger portions nowadays, forgetting what the food actually tastes like originally. If Americans were to go abroad and tried an American dish made by the foreigners, you would definitely be disgusted and wonder what the heck were they thinking! So, stop trying to change the wonderful taste of the food with your greediness. Just order a lot and satisfaction will be met....or are you just too cheap?
teafari, Dec 11 2003

       If you are ever in Salt Lake City, Utah look up the Kowloon Cafe. They have fabulous Giant eggrolls (it's been years, but I recall them being between 2.5 & 3.5 standard eggrolls), & are really the only decent chinese restaurant in Utah.
sar7ah, Apr 07 2004


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