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Recommended/Permissable Nicknames: WM, H20m, mel.

H'lo. M'name's Seth, I'm a thirteen-year old author from New York City. I'm a philosopher, a recreational puppy-kicker and bridge jumper (but only in the company of friends).

The mayfly lives only one day. Some days, it rains.

Favored Annotations:

On [jotd]'s angled fan blades:

[Fan blades] are bent upwards at the ends here. Maybe your fan designers haven't caught on?

---------- UnaBubba, Sep 08 2002

They would if they wore tall hats. ----------- General Washington, Sep 08 2002

On [bristolz]'s Cream Cheese Rings: If this product were to come to pass, I would have no choice but to invent a smooth and creamy bagel paste that could readily be spread upon a pre-packaged, preformed cream cheese ring. ---------- milkbone, Jul 19 2002

//illicit a response// An ex-conversation? ---------- General Washington, Sep 09 2002

E-mail merridew@post.com

...or IM me via the screename caustic dawn.

[HBGC]B- s++ p+ e n G+ r+ E a I+++ t+ X- [/HBGC]

After apparently reaching my HB peak at the tender age of twelve, I'm on something like hiatus. Thanks.

[Jul 21 2002, last modified Sep 10 2002]

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