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SPAR system

Prison the way it should be.
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Prison is supposed to function as a place where those that violate laws created to preserve morals are separated from the public and, in most cases, taught how to be a productive citizen. However, nowadays, many times inmates are simply isolatedand forced to wait for release. The SPAR system-- SPAR being an acronym for Social Placement and Rehabilitation-- would place inmates convicted of non-violent crimes in small village-like scenarios of about 1000 - 2000 inmates. These towns would be established in rural areas. The town would be mostly self-sufficient-- the inmates would be placed into positions given based upon their personal strengths. The quality of their lives would be based upon cooperation. Inmates would live in dormitories, policed by gaurds. Not meant to replace prisons entirely, inmates that preform well in a SPAR-organized town could be granted earlier release.
watermelancholy, Jul 21 2002


       I've seen them. This is a well thought-out and inoffensive idea. I posted it under the belief that you'd critique it, instead of merely commenting on another idea. I apologize if that joke was in poor humor, but I'd like to remind you it was deleted, and that I've thoroughly perused the help section per your request. Thank you,
watermelancholy, Jul 21 2002

       These inmates - would they be wearing ankle branklets and/or inside a walled/fenced compound? I'd had thoughts about a reasonably similar idea.
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

       I like this idea in essence although getting that many prisoners, no matter what background is going to cause problems unless proper restrictions (possibly akin to what thumbwax mentioned) were in place, a vast open planned prison (if workable of course) would be preferable to 'the slammer' I would be interested in the opinions of clinical nurse specialists and prison governors on this, not going to happen, well I know a clinical nurse specialist, I might ask her......
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 21 2002

       Is this just 'bring back penal colonies,' or am I missing something?
bookworm, Jul 22 2002

       Penal colonies were simply a bit different-- the thought was to put prisoners to use. If in this situation they are mosty self-sufficient, their services will only be for their benefit; however, here there would be an emphasis on getting these people back into society. There'd be no money-- to discourage most of the activities that got these people into prison to begin with. A little bit communist? Maybe. But frankly, it doesn't sound that bad to me.
watermelancholy, Jul 22 2002

       I'd like to remind you all of my emphasis on NON-VIOLENT criminals. Perhaps these towns could be centered around a type of crime-- f'rinstance, burglars might have a place where they could receive counseling. Not a good example, but you see.
watermelancholy, Jul 22 2002

       What's in it for the taxpayer? What stops the prisoners from trashing the town?
phoenix, Jul 22 2002

       I like this idea, as long as it was restricted to the sort of criminals that are usually found in low security prisons it could work quite well. I think you need to think more about how to prevent escapes.   

       It would also be good to bring people in to teach new trades to the inmates. Apparently some people repeatedly commit crimes because they don't have a useful skill. There's a low security jail in Australia where inmates are taught woodworking and pottery. The things that they made are sold at a shop in front of the jail (in a small tourist town). This way prisoners can be less of a burden on society, (by helping to pay for their upkeep) learn a new and employable job and possibly make a small sum of money.
madradish, Jul 22 2002

       [madradish], yes I men those type of prisoners. The priosners wouldn't trash the town because then they'll be put back into prison. Plus, just the fact that other inmates would be putting effort into the town should be a deterrant. Mainly the former. Thanks.
watermelancholy, Jul 22 2002

       Learn by doing, do by learning. This forms not only the individual's woik ethic, but also teaches social skills.
thumbwax, Jul 22 2002

       //the inmates would be placed into positions given based upon their personal strengths. //   

       Yes, Yes, the cat thief would be the town locksmith. The arms dealer would open up the sporting goods store. The pimp would be running the employment service. The J-Walker is the crossing guard. The corporate embezzler is the banker. Here's a tough one, what to do with the drug dealer? Pharmacist of course.
dag, Jul 22 2002

       I count more fisheads than pastries-- anyone care to explain? Is this agrravated NIMBY-itis, or what?   

       And dag: That's a negative spin on this. People who are incarcerated clearly aren't strong enough in their 'trade' at all.
watermelancholy, Jul 27 2002

       That's where the best results would be %-wise. Even the 'Son of Sam' makes himself useful - he counsels, assists prisoners with learning disabilities. Is this for the majority of the prison population? Absolutely not. Some are completely unable to gain the ability to be in a social situation without thoughts/intents/actions of criminality. They wish to reside in the darkest spectrum of the gray area, and there they should stay.
thumbwax, Jul 27 2002


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